Andaman Freediving Competition

Andaman Freediving Competition

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3 Sea Disciplines and 3 Pool Disciplines
Great Prizes & Open to All
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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Take a deep breath!

So today we were all feeling tired after yesterday but we all had the morning off, so by the time we met at 1pm we were all feeling relaxed and ready for the static event.

Mr D started off the competition with an announcement of 1second! Which I think meant he wanted to go first today as there is no penalties for going over your announcement in the pool competition. A 5 minutes 6 seconds was a great start to the competition.

Walter was next up in, in what I believe is his favourite event, which was proved by a massive 6 minutes 1 second the best result of the day. Karin was the first woman to take the plunge and was very happy with 4 minutes 29 seconds. Alan Su next up, unfortunately did a great 3 minutes 44 seconds but misdelivered his surface protocol and obtained a red card, no worries Alan, this is your first competition, we want to see you next year with nothing but white cards.

Vivian looked quietly confident and did no warm up but managed an awesome 4 minutes 39 seconds and smiled throughout the long 30 second judgement by Richard and Sarah. Andrew, our first Malay man, did a great 3 minutes 47 seconds. Lisa M, Austria, was slightly disappointed with her great 3 minutes 24 seconds but then disaster struck and her joking with her lovely coach and boyfriend Marc resulted on a gentle tap from him, a touch!!! which earned her a very sad red card and a devastated  boyfriend.

Straight after Lisa, Azam was up, and as expected put in a perfect performance of 4minutes 8seconds and earned a new Malaysian National Record. Michelle, surface protocol queen, cruised through her performance and delivered 4 minutes 37 seconds Our first timer, Enzo was exceptionally pleased to get his fourth white card in a row for 4 minutes 3 seconds, an excellent performance.

We all expected that Julian's laid back approach would pay dividends and it nearly did not, after a magnificent 5mins 45 seconds he nearly high fived his coach, Marc, who quickly backed off to prevent another red card! Elisabeth Hummel, was the last female competitor of the day and was wonderfully coached through the surface protocol by all the spectators and was thrilled with her 4minutes 40 seconds.

Finally the last 3, Ken, currently in the lead, easily managed 5mins 23 seconds and Rossi asked for silence which clearly paid off for him, resulting in a 5minutes 11 seconds. Last, but by no means least was our Norwegian Ninja, Trond with a fabulous 5minutes 13 seconds.

Today, the thank you's have to go to the coaches, who worked so hard for the competitors and helped them  deliver great times. Special mention has to go to Rossi, I want a massage too please, Marc, for such confidence boosting coaching and Walter for his hard work at the competition and in the many training sessions before in Kuala Lumpur.

Prelimary Results:


Last Name First Name Country Points
Hummel Elisabeth GER 139.0
Gebauer Karin AUT 136.8
Ooi Michelle SIN 93.4
Chan Vivian MYS 91.8
Mattes Elisabeth AUT 88.0


Last Name First Name Country Points
Kiriyama Ken DAN 195.6
Moldal Trond NOR 172.6
van Heerden Julian RSA 171.0
Hamid Mohd Azam Abdul MYS 157.6
Nygren Drutten SWE 144.2
Johnson Walter USA 121.2
Teoh Kim Seng MYS 115.4
Brunetto Enzo ITA 113.6
Fötinger Christian AUT 113.2
Su Alan MYS 20.0

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