Andaman Freediving Competition

Andaman Freediving Competition

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3 Sea Disciplines and 3 Pool Disciplines
Great Prizes & Open to All
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Friday, 10 February 2012

Day Two – Three Cups of Awesome

So day 2 looked beautiful but was stifling hot from the start, even those who were used to the sun were slapping on the cream.

Upon getting to the site, the boat crew anchored the boat in record time, whilst the freedive staff and judges set up the competition zone and training areas. A busy day ahead, so we were all glad that we were able to start on time for the last 2 sea disciplines, Constant Weight with Fins (CWT) and Constant Weight No Fins (CNF).

The conditions were not great at the start of the day, strong currents and large waves, made the CWT class challenging. Vivian, Malaysia, kicked off the day with a perfect 15m dive as the rest of the freedivers cheered her on. Walter demonstrated his state of the art monofin and managed a good 20m before turning a little early. Our first timer, Enzo from Italy, delivered a perfect 30 metres and took the cheering in his stride. Alan Su, Malaysia, made the depth but gave us all a scare with a blackout but luckily the safety freedivers were on hand to capture him and get him safely back on board the boat This unfortunately put him out of competing for the rest of the day. Azam, Malay, was determined to beat all his previous records and did with a 41m Constant Weight dive. Julian, still remembering how to freedive, put on a terrific slow performance with 36m, showing the laid back South African attitude is a real asset.
For the last sea discipline, the gods were smiling at us, with calm seas and no currents, perfect conditions for the tough CNF class. Vivian was first to go and managed a simply awesome dive despite getting tangled in her karabiner, a most definite 3 cups of awesome dive! Michelle is proving very popular with judges with her perfect surface protocol which gained her 2 white cards (22m and 16m). Our Norwegian Ninja, silently delivered 2 more perfect white cards to 40m and 30m respectively. Andrew Teoh, Malaysia, demonstrated the benefit of practicing recovery breaths as he did a magnificent 30m dive and managed to control his surface protocol, gaining a white card and stealing the Malay National Record from his friend Azam. Rossi, Austrian, was very chuffed to receive his first white card of the competition with a perfect dive to 34m. Last but one, was the shy Mr D, who had unfortunately had to turn early in the first round of the day, but he always manages to finish the day with a smile and a spectacular 38m without fins. We were all tired but everyone made sure that they could see the final dive of the day, Ken, Danish, comfortably diving a massive 50m, without fins! and he was rewarded with an enormous cheer as he was white carded.
Final mention has to go to the 3 girls, Elisabeth M, Elisabeth H and Karin who despite being close in ability, have all supported each other throughout with the result that Elisabeth M is first with 88 points, and Elisabeth H and Karin a close behind with 83 points, Karin would have shared the lead but unfortunately incurred penalty points for grabbing. All to play for in the last 3 disciplines girls, this year is going to have an exciting finish.

All above results are preliminary and await confirmation by the judges.

Huge thank you to the competitors, the judges and my staff for a simply 3 cups of awesome day. Mellisa xxx

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