Saturday, 28 May 2011

Are you joining us for Andaman Freediving Challenge 2012?

If so, please let know as I think this year will be bigger than ever!

Just 2 days ago, Alan Su, from Malaysia, did just that. A student of Marc's last year, Alan completed his AIDA ** course last high season and is coming back for more.

Our competition is friendly and a great learning aid, so its great for all people at all levels. We can also offer courses and coaching just before the competition so you can perfect your skills or, like some of our competitors in previous years, learn to Freedive for the first time!

Please book your freediving course if you want it to start just before the competition.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Welcome Alan Su

Last high season, Alan completed his AIDA ** course with Marc, and he has clearly got the bug!!! He has just let us know that he will be joining us in February 2012 for our Freediving Competition. Being from Malaysia, he has his work cut out for him as our last competition set four Malay records.

So big welcome to Alan, and hope to add a few names over the next few months.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Marc Freediving the Caves at Koh Haa

Marc is just too cool for school!

Well Done Big Jim

A huge congratulations to Big Jim, James Valentine, one of our longest serving SCUBA Instructors. Last week Jim took his AIDA Freediving Instructor course in Dahab, Egypt and we are pleased to announce Blue Planet's newest Freediving Instructor.

Jim, took his first course over 3 years ago with our wonderful French Freediving Instructor, Marc, and lets just say he got the bug real bad!

Each year he has returned to teach and guide SCUBA diving, so that he can spend time with our freediving instructors, perfecting his technique and competing in our Freediving Competitions. Having been placed each year, this year, Jim decided to take the next step and set off to Dahab, Egypt for his Freediving Instructors Course.

Battling with illness, Jim persevered onwards and we are pleased to announce that next year he will be joining Marc to teach Freediving, as well as Scuba Diving next high season.

Well done Jim, see you real soon xxx

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Congratulations Gregoire Folly

Big congratulations to Gregoire Folly, winner of our Andaman Freediving Competition this year, who has come in second in the Swiss Championships.

Gregoire, started his freediving with Marc Guerrin, our Freediving instructor, about 3 years ago, and he got a real passion for the sport. He is now quite a regular competitor around the world.

Congratulations Gregoire, hope to see you back to reclaim your title next year