Tuesday, 10 December 2013

2 months before our AFC 14 starts

Hi Everyone,

Our yearly competition will be on the starting line in about 2 months. We have many competitors from last year who will try to reach a better position and performances.
We do have some spaces left but only a few !
If you're interested to come and discover a friendly competition with always big surprises and good prizes please contact us at blueplanetdivers@gmail.com
We are waiting for you :)

Bp Apnea Team

Monday, 26 August 2013

Freediving will be soon on the line again !

Our new freediving instructor Pete Botman will be ready for teaching any courses from the 15th of October. With a second seat on our last Andaman Freediving Challenge he did some amazing performance by showing efficient skills. Pete will be able to teach in Dutch, English, French and Thai. We are all looking forward for his arrival ! 

That is why we have decided and want to choose the best for this new upcoming season. High standard skills and coaching will be given to our new student coming and learning with Blue Planet Divers.

Soon ! A new calendar will be online and you will be able to choose fix dates for your training. A maximum of 4 students will be allow per course as we want to be sure that all requirements or quality teaching has been met.

This year AFC 2014 will start from the 17th of February to 20th as we do have many other diving / freediving booking before. We are all hoping to see our good friends again this year and to meet other new challenger. This year will be certainly much better and we will be making new materials for the safety of our competitors.

Looking forward for this wonderful season =-)

BP Team

Saturday, 16 February 2013

FINAL Results !!!

Awesome time in this competition !!

Thank you everybody Judges, organizers, helpers and competitors to give so much emotion during this 4 days. Thanks to Flavia and Pepe from seadragon for giving us a chance to make of this feediving culture an exponential world.

6 new national records, no black out it was just amazing dives with safe and competitive freedivers.

See you next year for a new AFC and hopefully we will meet again our good friends ;-)

BP Team

Monday, 11 February 2013

Results and Announcements for tomorrow !!

What a good Static day at the pool !! A big fight between Pete Botman who did 7.05 min and Andrea Richichi who done a fantastic 8.02 min.

Here the Results :

Announcement for tomorrow :

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Results and TOPs for tomorrow

We had a great day again with some pretty good results on the CWT and CNT

Tomorrow we will be at Royal Lanta Swimming pool for the static be there at 13.15 for the first warm up.

Announcements :

See You There !!!

BP Team

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Awesome first day !!!! This AFC will be very competitive.


This competition was a big surprise. Our good friend Azam made again a national record step with his 50 m free immersion. It was looking like a very easy dive for him. Good surprise as well with our french team who did a full set of white card. Simon our BP Diver freediver did a fantastic 50 m dive and Marc was very proud of his training.
Our good friend from Koh Tao had a great day and seems like he is very happy to get finally a deep 50 m dive without red card ;-). Our brilliant Andrea from Italy had a very lonnnnng dive to reach his 50 m and just came up with an easy smile.
Our Russian team had a white and yellow card but I'm sure they will look to get better performance for the next days.

Tomorrow is our next last 2 sea disciplines and we are really looking forward to see what will happen to our competitors and what diving behaviors will they use !
Here are the new announcements for tomorrow !

First Discipline

Second Discipline

Let's Rock !


Friday, 8 February 2013

THE AFC 2013 is ON !

Dear Freedivers and competitors here is the first Sheet TOP of tomorrow. Best luck to our 13 competitors who I'm sure will push their limit to get the top list on their first discipline.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

7 days before the beginning !!

Dear competitors,

We are glad to meet you again and provide you this friendly and competitive event. We are looking forward to meet you on the 8th for the last registration of our new AFC 2013.
Please remember to let us know about the free sea training day on the 8th.

Let's get some fun times !

BP Team

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Blue Apnea on his way for the AFC 2013

Hi everybody,

This is the list of all our freediving competitors for next month : 





Arkady and Natalia






I'm still waiting for other pictures but we still have a few places for this new upcoming AFC. If ou wish to come and have fun with with us... Please let us know !!!

BP Team