Saturday, 16 July 2011

Aquamaster have also confirmed their Sponsorship

More great news for the Andaman Freediving Competition, Aquamaster, our 2011 equipment sponsor, have just confirmed that they will be sponsoring us again for the Andaman 2012 Freediving Competition.

We are really pleased to have them back again as, I am sure, will our competitors from last year. Their Micromask is hugely popular with our Freedivers as were all the lovely Aquamaster goodies! One of their team is even threatening to compete!

So if you are keen to join this competition, we would love to hear from you. This event is open to all and especially ideal for those individuals new to the sport, as you will find our competitors, judges and instructors keen to help and advise you on your Freediving technique.

This year we are adjusting the schedule, as requested by our competitors, so that the 9th will be a practice on the boat, 10th Depth Competition, 11th Pool practice and 12th Pool Competition. We hope the day off will give us some truly excellent results in the pool.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Royal Lanta Resort & Spa confirm their Support

We are so pleased to announce that Royal Lanta Resort & Spa have confirmed their support for our Freediving Competition. Last year their staff were absolutely fantastic and helped us make this event so special.

If you would like to join us for this competition or want to book some Freediving or Accomodation, please contact me, Mellisa

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What did you do today?

Miguel Lozano sets a new Spanish Record of 100m CWT (Constant Weight) at Freedive International, Dahab.

Friday, 1 July 2011

A Tragic Event that could have been avoided

Tuesday night, an accident occurred in Nemo 33.

At the end of the evening after all divers were out of the water, one member of the staff decided to do some freediving alone in the deep tank...
And of course, what had to happen happened, he blacked out and sank to the bottom and was later brought dead back to the surface.

Everyone now talks about a freediving accident but for me it's not a freediving accident: it's an accident involving a scuba diver with no freediving education whatsoever doing breath-hold diving with absolutely no respect for the basic safety rules and who didn't care nor thought about the consequences of his actions.

We, freediving instructors are spending our lifes preaching the buddy system and telling that a blackout or a samba is not something you'll die from if someone just bring you back to the surface and keeps your airways above the water.

And in a fraction of a second someone can wipe out days, weeks, months even years of work by behaving selfishly.

I might sound hard but it's what I deeply feel. Yesterday I met the diver's family, I'm thinking about them, left behind, full of questions, and I'm extremely sad but it doesn't change my way of looking at what he did and I can't understand such a behavior.

I'm tired of having people telling me that freediving is dangerous and that a lot of people are dying while practicing, and then explaining them that there mostly are 3 kind of breath hold diving fatalities: spearfishermen diving alone, people training alone in pools and no-limits divers who fucked up big time.

But nobody dies when freediving activities are conducted with respect of basic safety rules and with self-respect of your own abilities and disabilities.

And I know I'll take lot of flak for saying that but I don't give a shit.

Putain de semaine.

Frederic Buyle

Freediving Competition

We have had another entrant for our Freediving Competition in February, Rhys has just emailed me to let me know he is joining us this year.